Teen girl hospitalized after hit-and-run in Plymouth

Teen girl hospitalized after hit-and-run in Plymouth

PLYMOUTH, Mass. — A teen in Plymouth is at South Shore Hospital after being struck by a vehicle during a hit-and-run Saturday afternoon.

A relative told Boston 25 News that the teen was able to talk after the incident. She was out skateboarding when she was hit by a driver who didn't stop.

"Turn yourself in," said Norman Grimes, speaking to the unknown driver. "Whoever did this, turn yourself in, own up to it."

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Grimes says the 16-year-old is a relative, staying with his family for 4th of July week.

"I saw her go out on a stretcher," said Patricia Swinney, a neighbor. "They had stabilized her neck with a collar.

"To hit a child or hit anybody and just take off and leave them on the road, you don't do that. There's no conscience, there's no respect for humanity anymore."

While the streets on either side of Chestnut, where the victim's relatives live, are busy, Swinney says that's no excuse for what happened.

"It's a busy street," she said. "That doesn't matter, this is a human being, we're all human beings."

Neighbors say that the victim was able to talk as she was being brought to the ambulance.

Plymouth PD continues to investigate as there has been no word on suspects. Police are asking anyone with information to come forward.