Taunton officials confirm 3 COVID-19 cases among their police force, 1 within fire department

Taunton officials confirm 3 COVID-19 cases among their police force, 1 within fire department

TAUNTON, Mass. — Officials in Taunton announced on Thursday they were notified by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health that there were a totoal of four confirmed cases of COVID-19 among their police and fire departments.

In a news release, police and fire announced three positive cases were confirmed among the Taunton Police Department and one positive case was confirmed within the Taunton Fire Department.

After DPH contacted Taunton health officials about the positive tests, the individuals were notified, placed in isolation and are being supported and monitored according to public health guidelines. The officials who tested positive are not being identified.

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Those who have come into close contact with the individuals who tested positive have also been notified and are adhering to DPH orders to quarantine. They will be monitored on a daily basis by health officials while under quarantine.

The Taunton Police and Fire Departments will continue to respond to all emergencies and are taking all proper precautions when coming in contact with residents and community members.

“Our number one priority during this time is serving the people of our community while staying safe and remaining healthy,” said Taunton Police Chief Edward Walsh. “At this time, we have three confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our ranks. All other members of the department who have been deemed a close contact have been contacted by the DPH and are following the proper guidelines. We would like to remind the community that the department remains fully operational during this time and that it is safe to call us if you are in need of assistance.”

Both departments will continue to limit access to the stations to outside visitors for general, walk-in business until further notice. Citizens are asked to continue practicing social distancing and are asked to make all non-emergency reports and inquiries to both departments by phone or email instead of in person.

The Taunton Police Department can be reached at its business line at 508-824-7522 or online at its website. The Taunton Fire Department can be reached at 508-821-1452 or at its website.

Safety Measures & Precautions

In addition to limiting public access to the lobby, the Taunton Police and Fire Departments have taken the following actions:

  • Practicing social distancing while at work and at home
  • Increasing the cleaning and sanitation of common touch points and surfaces
  • Encouraging proper self-care and hygiene including frequently washing hands, ensuring bathrooms are stocked with hand washing materials and making cleaning products and sanitizers available
  • Ensuring all personnel are fit-tested for masks
  • Reviewing Contagious Diseases and Pandemic Planning and Response policies
  • Reviewing the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Modifying medical response protocol
  • Ensuring the department has ample supplies of PPE for medical responses
  • These temporary measures will be reviewed on a continuous basis. When changes are necessary, they will be communicated to the public.