• Swampscott man appears Boston court for rape charges


    BOSTON - A Swampscott man is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday to face two rape charges. 

    On Tuesday, detectives arrested 51-year-old Joseph Losano, accused of raping two different victims in two separate cases in Boston. Losano, a Marine veteran, allegedly took victims into his vehicle and later sexually assaulting them at gunpoint. Police said both of the women were prostitutes. 

    In court Wednesday, Losano pleased not guilty. Prosecutors kept Losano behind a closed during the arraignment, in case future victims need to identifiy him in a line-up. 

    "Other people have come forward and reported similar incidents, but we're not in a position where we're able to charge anybody with those at this point," said prosecutor Ian Polumbaum. 

    Losano served two tours in Iraq and is a licensed gun owner; the judge ordered he surrender all his weapons today. 

    The Boston Police Sexual Assault Unit is actively reviewing the facts and circumstances surrounding the case. Anyone who may have been victimized by this suspect is asked to come forward and contact the Boston Police Sexual Assault Unit at (617) 343-4400.

    If you’re a victim of a sexual assault that either has or has not been reported to police and would feel more comfortable seeking confidential advice from a non-law enforcement agency or representative, the Boston Police Department encourages you to call the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) at 1 (800) 841-8371. 


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