SUV hits car in Dunkin drive-thru, rolls down 20-foot embankment

SUV hits car in Dunkin drive-thru, rolls down 20-foot embankment

SHERBORN, Mass. — A scary moment unfolded at a local Dunkin on Friday morning.

Surveillance footage shows the moment a white Chevrolet Suburban hit an unsuspecting SUV in line at the drive-thru in Sherborn.

“My boss thought the propane exploded, it was that loud," said Harrison Hunter, a Sherborn Fuel employee.

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The Suburban then continues to push the SUV out of the way until it plummets off a 20-foot embankment, landing on its roof.

“The woman supposedly fainted slammed into the guy,” said Hunter. "She had a child in the car.”

Officials have not yet confirmed what exactly caused the woman to hit the car and continue to accelerate.

Those who heard the crash cam running to help.

“Even people getting gas, they were just bolting over,” said Hunter.

Firefighters responded quickly to the scene, helping pull the driver to safety. The woman had to be taken to a local hospital via helicopter due to the severity of her injuries.

“The car was on its roof and someone was trapped in the vehicle," said Zach Ward, the Sherborn Interim Fire Chief.

The second person in the car, a toddler, was pulled from the wreck by a Dunkin employee. Surprisingly, the child didn’t suffer a single scratch. The Dunkin employee can be seen on surveillance footage holding the child as she walks back uphill.

“Apparently not a scatch,” said Hunter. "The baby was in here laughing like nothing even happened.”