Sutton Police cracking down on speeders on street where man died in August

Sutton Police cracking down on speeders on street where man died in August

SUTTON, Mass. — Sutton Police are warning drivers and pedestrians about a dangerous intersection in the town after a man was struck and killed on Singletary Ave. in mid-August.

Law enforcement says more than a half dozen people were pulled over for speeding just yesterday. They added that they had pulled over 23 drivers on the street since the fatality, more than triple the rest of the year.

You would've thought that drivers got the message after a 51-year-old jogger died on that very road at the hands of a hit-and-run driver – but police and neighbors there say that's not the case.

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They say even after the tragic death of Daniel DeLima, cars still speed through Singletary Avenue.

"If I am mowing my lawn, people come so close they almost hit me. It's bad, this road is bad," said William O'Leary, a resident of Singletary Ave. "It's about time they are cracking down on it."

Within a few minutes of Boston 25 News' arrival Monday afternoon, police had pulled another driver over.

Apparently DeLima's death, the patrol cars or even our news cameras aren't slowing people down. Now police say it's time for them to increase patrols on that street.

They say in the two and a half weeks since the hit-and-run death, they've already pulled over dozens of drivers, including one yesterday going 50 miles per hour in the posted 35 miles per hour zone.

"Anytime someone issues a complaint […] we will go out there and address it, we will sit in their driveway or business, and we will address the issues for a while and then after we have addressed it for a while people get the hint and start to slow down," said Sgt. Joshua Nunnemacher. "The places we are called […] we go back to them."

Neighbors say they're doing everything they can to help police, even posting signs allowing police to park in their driveways.

"The roads are in better condition and cars are driving smoother than they used to, so people are in this car that is running very smoothly on the road going 50 in a 35, and they are not expecting a kid, bicyclist, [or] in this case a jogger," Sgt. Nunnemacher said.

Shane Newman is the driver accused of killing DeLima. The 39-year-old remains held on a $250,000 cash bail.