Suspended Rockland town accountant, I.T. director speaks out

Suspended Rockland town accountant, I.T. director speaks out

ROCKLAND, Mass. - A town accountant and I.T. director in Rockland has been placed on leave, and he suspects it has to do with alleged sex scandal going on at town hall.

The man, Eric Hart, says he learned of the suspension from two police officers who showed up at his home.

"My whole family was there, my granddaughter was there, my son was there with me," Hart said. "We were doing some work in the yard. I don’t understand why they went though that route."

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Hart said he's not sure why he's being investigated, but suspects it has to do with his role as the town's I.T. director.

In that position, Hart is responsible for the security cameras at town hall.

Those cameras allegedly caught Allan Chiocca, a town administrator, and Deidre Hall, the selectmen vice chair, getting together late one night in May.

Hart says the chair of the Board of Selectmen alleged the recording was doctored.

"He was claiming that there was time missing on the videotape," Hart said. "It's motion-sensored video tape."

Allegations have also been made that Hart used his role as I.T. director to bug offices at town hall.

He was told just hours before he was placed on leave that federal agents and local police swept town hall for listening devices.

The town attorney had "no comment" when asked to confirm the federal and local police made the sweep.

"It seems like they are pointing the finger at me, and I've done nothing wrong," Hart said. "I hope that they come to their senses on it, and I get to come back to work."