Man accused in Southie double murder claims he had an affair with victim

BOSTON — Shocking testimonies and further evidence were presented on the eighth day of the trial for the man accused of killing two doctors inside their South Boston condo.

We are listening to a DNA criminalist from @bostonpolice explain how they found Dr Bolanos' blood on one kitchen knife and Dr Field's blood on a second knife. This is day 8 of the double murder trial. Here is Wednesday's report.

In an interview the morning after the murders, Bampumim Teixeira, the man accused in the killings, can be heard telling police he had an affair with Dr. Lina Bolanos when he worked at the concierge desk of the building where Bolanos lived with her husband, Dr. Richard Field.

He claims the affair lasted for two months.

Teixeira also alleged he and Bolanos had intimate relations on the day of the murders, telling police she told him to sneak into the apartment. He claims he had been there for several hours on the day of the murders and that Bolanos complained to him about how her husband was physically abusive toward her.

Teixeira also said he and Bolanos had been intimate several times before the day of the murders.

According to Teixeira, when Field got home and caught the two having an affair, he became enraged with jealousy and killed his wife, leaving Teixeira with no choice but to kill him in self-defense.

Teixeira says Field stabbed Bolanos and handcuffed her. Teixeira says he ran into the bathroom and locked the door, but didn't have a phone to call 911.

Teixeira said Field somehow got access to the bathroom and the two engaged in a struggle. He heard water running and thought Field was going to drown him. Teixeira said he begged Field not to kill him.

Teixeira said he was shot by police when he opened the door, but doesn't remember anything about telling police Field killed his wife or writing anything on their walls.

When questioned by police, Teixeira said Field would often go on business trips, saying that's when he and Bolanos would engage in their affair.

During the interview with police, Teixeira told detectives he was innocent and wanted to answer more questions.

Teixeira told detectives he was wearing gloves because he was cold. He was also wearing a yellow reflective vest. He says he had about $850 to $900 on him because he was homeless and was staying at some of the Boston shelters.

On Thursday, Dr. Richard Atkinson, the medical examiner, also took the stand, providing more insight on where blood was found on several pieces of evidence. The medical examiner also detailed where each victim was stabbed.

Family members of the victims listened as Atkinson went through his autopsy results, saying Field was stabbed on the right side of his neck while Bolanos had 24 sharp-force injuries all around her neck, including her jugular vein.

The jury also heard DNA testimony.

Field's blood was found on one of two kitchen knives while Bolano's blood was on the other.

Blood DNA from both victims was also found on two different sleep masks. Atkinson testified that Bolanos' underwear had been cut, but testimony on Wednesday showed that sex assault kits didn't find any evidence of rape.

Atkinson testified that Field's cause of death was a stab wound to the neck and Bolanos died from "multiple sharp force injuries."

One of the nurses who treated Teixeira testified that he had been shot in the right thigh and buttocks and had an injury to one of his fingers.

She added that Teixeira was put on medication following the incident, which had to be dialed back so he could finish his interview with police.

The trial could end as early as Friday. The jury is planned start deliberating next week.

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