Suspect arrested for spraying Red Line riders reveals it was bear repellent

Suspect arrested for allegedly pepper-spraying riders on the Red Line

BOSTON — The MBTA made an arrest on Tuesday evening after someone started spraying people on the Red Line near Andrew Station with what officials thought was pepper spray, the organization confirmed to Boston 25 News.

Turns out, the liquid coming from the cannister the suspect had in his bag was in fact bear repellent.

First responders and officers could be seen helping to flush out a man's eyes at Andrew Station in South Boston. Witnesses say a man just stood up and started spraying the bear repellent on the Red Line on Tuesday evening.

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When responding officers got to the platform where the suspect, 43-year-old Gregory Gomes, was found laying on the ground, Gomes blurted out "I accidentally blew it up". At that point, he showed officers a can of bear repellent spray inside his backpack.

The MBTA says there were three patients who were treated on scene, but they refused to go to the hospital, so no injuries were reported.

Other riders told Boston 25 News that they're not entirely surprised something like this would happen.

"I can't really imagine why anyone would do it, but, I mean, you have crazy people out here, sometimes people do crazy things without really thinking," said Fama Caba, a Red Line rider. "I wouldn't be surprised, I mean it's the Red Line, anything could happen."

Gomes was arrested after a brief struggle and charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and resisting arrest.