Sudbury girl with EEE showing signs of improvement

Sudbury girl with EEE showing signs of improvement

SUDBURY, Mass. — A five-year-old Sudbury girl diagnosed with a deadly, mosquito-borne virus EEE is showing signs of improvement, according to her mother.

The girl's mother says doctors told her the swelling in her daughter's brain is starting to go down.

The GoFundMe page has raised more than $100,000 so far.

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She is one of seven human cases of EEE in Massachusetts this year.

A Fair Haven woman has died.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is performing aerial spraying for mosquitoes in communities considered high risk for EEE.

Everyone is being urged to follow the five D's of mosquito control:

  • Dusk - Avoid outdoor activity when mosquitos are most active
  • Dawn - Don't go outside when the light is changing in the sky
  • DEET - Use repellents containing it (except for infants two months or younger, per a Board of Health physician)
  • Dress - Cover exposed skin to block mosquitoes
  • Drain - Dump standing water so mosquitoes can't breed

State health officials say the peak time to get bitten by an infected mosquito extends through September here in Massachusetts. The risk continues through the first hard frost, which, on average, is more than a month away.