• Study suggests link between ALS and prolonged exposure to diesel exhaust


    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Researchers at Harvard say there could be a link between diesel exhaust and ALS.

    Researchers found people who spent years working in careers where they were constantly exposed to diesel exhaust had a higher risk of developing the disease.

    "There is some suggestion from previous studies of occupation that workers in jobs with higher exposure to diesel exhaust may have a higher risk of ALS. However, no studies have directly looked at the relation between diesel exhaust exposure during different time points in life and ALS," said study author Aisha Dickerson, PhD, of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. "The overall risk of developing ALS is low, but our findings suggest that the greater the exposure to diesel exhaust, the greater the risk of developing ALS."

    The scientist stressed this doesn't show diesel fumes cause ALS, but it warrants exploring the link further in a bigger study.

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