String of armed robberies putting Cambridge neighborhood on edge

String of armed robberies putting Cambridge neighborhood on edge

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Central Square is a bustling hub right in the middle of Cambridge. That's made it attractive to some thieves who are robbing people right on the streets.

"It's so dangerous at night it's scary," said Kevork Tinkjian of Cambridge. "I got robbed a couple of times in my store too."

Tinkjian owns a local business and is nervous about the recent string of robberies. So far four robberies have happened, all of them north of Mass. Ave just outside Central Square.

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The first occurred on Inman and West streets, just after 6 at night. Two teens asked for change, then all of a man's money.

Then, early Wednesday morning on Bishop Allen Drive, a food delivery driver was robbed. Two crooks took off with $50 and the driver's food.

On Thursday, again on Bishop Allen Drive, a second food delivery driver was the victim when he was robbed at knifepoint at 9 p.m. This time three men took $20 and his food.

Later that night it happened again. The most recent incident happened on Thursday just before midnight. Two teens approached a man on Harvard. They asked him for change and then demanded his wallet. He yelled, and they took off for the first time empty-handed.

Neighbors say they are wary.

"It's scary because I've been around this area many times at night and I've lived here for almost five years now," said Aidan Schmidtberger of Cambridge.