Negotiations continue between Stop & Shop, union workers amid strike

Empty parking lots, striking workers at Stop & Shop stores across Mass.

NORWOOD — Negotiation discussions between the company and the union resumed Monday as more than 30,000 Stop & Shop workers continue to strike across New England.

Monday marked Day 5 of the strike.

Stop & Shop says most of their stores are running as normal, but several stores have reduced hours as workers continue to strike.

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Employees at several Stop & Shop locations have been standing outside the grocery stores, refusing to work without a better union contract.

Boston 25 has seen picket lines at multiple locations -- blocking off customers from parking lots on what would be a busy shopping day.

"I think we’re winning, people are staying away, they’re honoring the picket line," said Paul Collupy of Franklin.

"We need to have a fair wage, we need to have affordable healthcare, most of us have families. We have bills just like everyone else," said Rachel Gonzalez, a Stop & Shop employee.

Employees like Gonzalez say they're disappointed with the salaries and new health insurance benefits.

"The insurance, they’re trying to have our payments go double or triple versus what we’ve been paying out of pocket now," she said.

But Stop & Shop says they're not really changing benefits for current employees, and they are offering a pay increase.

The company's president released a statement saying in part: “In contrast, the unions have proposed an unsustainable retail contract, including a wage proposal that is more than two times higher than any recent UFCW contract agreement, that could ultimately lead to higher prices for consumers and a less successful future for our business.”

"We’re asking for our fair share, we’re the guys that the customers see and know and we’re just hoping the company comes to their senses and gives us a fair deal, that’s all we’re looking for is a fair deal," Collupy said.