State Police searching for suspect accused of shooting at cars on Route 24

State Police searching for suspect accused of shooting at cars on Route 24

RANDOLPH, Mass. — State Police are searching for the person accused of firing shots at cars on busy Route 24 in the Randolph area on Saturday afternoon. One of the bullets pierced the back window of a delivery van.

The man whose delivery van was hit told Boston 25 News that he was initially confused when he heard some strange popping noises. But when he saw the bullet hole there was no doubt that he had been in the line of fire.

“Driving up Route 24 and heard pop pop pop,” said Jim Ruddy. “[I] didn’t know if someone was driving over the rumble strip on the right side of the road or somebody’s engine backfiring. My back window shattered, and I turned to look at the back window I said, ‘wow, you know, what’s this?’ "

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Ruddy’s work van was hit by at least one bullet Saturday afternoon as he was making deliveries. The identity of the shooter, and whether or not Ruddy was the intended target, remains a mystery.

“The angle of impact was really, really tight if they were in the right-hand lane,” Ruddy said. “The bullet went through my back window and literally lodged itself maybe six inches from the back window into the side of my van.”

Ruddy added that he’s relieved but also worried for others.

“I hope whoever is riding up and down Route 24 shooting bullets at people, I hope they get them off the street,” he said.

State Police said one 911 caller reported that the shooter was firing shots out the window of a dark-colored pickup truck on the highway and that the gunman appeared to be firing at multiple moving vehicles in the area of Randolph, Stoughton and Brockton.

That pickup truck has not been located. At the moment, Ruddy’s work van is the only vehicle we know of that was hit by gunfire.