• South Boston business offers neighborhood solution to package theft


    BOSTON - BOSTON – Package thefts have been on the rise for years, and as another holiday season approaches one South Boston business owner is hoping to help others in the neighborhood.

    Jillian Guido owns a business in the community, and she told Boston 25 News she been encouraging friends and family members to have their packages delivered there for years. 

    “It was just something that felt like the right thing to do,” she said.

    This year, Guido realized the right thing to do is to extend the offer to others on her Facebook page.

    “It’s been crazy. Almost 500 people liked it people have been sharing it and commenting on it,” she said.

    Only a few people have taken her up on the offer so far, but Guido said she expects to get busier during the holidays.

    Guido's full Facebook post:

    I own the Allstate on Emerson Street and would be happy to accept any packages for the Holiday season!
    If you are ordering something and want the package delivered to my office instead of being left on your front doorstep just list the delivery address as :
    Allstate Insurance (include your name as well)
    135 Emerson Street
    South Boston, MA 02127
    We are here Monday to Friday during regular business hours to accept and sign for your packages. Just call us at 617-500-4350 or email thehanleyagency@allstate.com so that we will be aware that a package is coming. We will contact you once it is received!


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