Shots fired at Dedham home pierce backyard pool, garage

DEDHAM, Mass. — A Dedham woman tells Boston 25 news she feels unsafe in her own home after hearing gunshots in the evening and finding bullets in her backyard.

“We heard four distinctive gun shots,” said Kara Saliba.

Dedham Police said they responded to the scene on July 13 after the woman called to report hearing the shots. Though officers said ballistic evidence was found, there is no evidence to charge anyone with the crime.

Saliba said the lining of her above ground pool was punctured, causing water to spill out onto the grass. She said police found one bullet, then after searching, she found the second one inside the garage.

“I wasn’t surprised. I just had this gut instinct, I knew it was a distinct sound. I didn’t think it was fireworks,” said Saliba. “They retrieved the bullet from the pool, left, and it was only shortly after that I discovered the second bullet in the house.”

The family now is on edge, wondering if this was an accident or an intentional attack.

“The second one went to a whole different level because now I take it very personal,” said Saliba.

She says she believes her neighbor is responsible. Though Dedham police said there is no video evidence or witness testimony to prove this. Boston 25 knocked on the door of the resident next-door, but received no comment.

The family still wants answers, they said they have hired counsel and are hoping to get compensation along with a reason for the gunshots, then an eventual apology. Still, though, they want whoever did this to be held accountable.

“$500 liner doesn’t make us feel comfortable outside again. We are getting the pool replaced but will that make us feel comfortable out here, I’m not really sure,” said Saliba.

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