Shots fired after person goes to wrong address, enters Portsmouth home

Shots were fired after an unknown person went into a home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire after getting an invitation on social media and going to the wrong address, police say.

Portsmouth Police responded after hearing gunshots in the area of Islington Street, as a resident on Summer Street reported an unknown man entered their home.

The caller said she and her partner found the man parked in a car on the street, leading to her partner firing a pistol at the car as it fled from the area.

"We had noi dea what we were dealing with," Brenna Cavanaugh told Boston 25 News in an exclusive interview. "We feared for our lives."

Cavanaugh said the intruder had gotten into his car, backed into a pole across the street and then sped towards her and her partner.

"We just saw a car coming at us at a very high rate of speed, and that's not something you can fend off with a fist fight." "The whole thing's pretty upsetting, it could have ended in a tragedy."

Portsmouth Police say the person went into the home after getting an invite to an event on social media, but didn't have the right address.

"He got a text over social media to meet up with some friends and unfortunately he was just at the wrong house," Portsmouth Police said. "A lot of scared people and some frayed nerves, but other than that, no one was harmed by any of the bullets fired."

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Nobody was injured during the altercation, and no charges have been filed at this point, police say.

Police say the dangerous situation could've ended much worse, and Cavanaugh agreed.

However, she said she doesn't regret the couple's decision to defend themselves.

"In an instant, you need to make a life or death decision," Cavanaugh said. "He made the right decision, and I would hope he would do it again because we didn’t know who was behind that wheel."

Portsmouth Police are investigating the incident, and are asking anyone with information to contact them at 603-610-7609.