Sheila LaBarre case: Mother wants justice for her murdered son

(FOX 25 / – A woman whose son was murdered by Sheila LaBarre has accused the Epping Police Department of mishandling the case.

Carolyn Lodge told FOX 25's Bob Ward that she repeatedly tried to get police to go to LaBarre's New Hampshire home and recover her missing son, Kenneth Countie, but they never did.

Lodge is turning to the New Hampshire Attorney General for help, and she is taking square aim at the action or inaction of the Epping Police Department.

Countie was murdered by LaBarre, his one-time girlfriend, in 2006.  LaBarre was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for his murder, as well as the murder of another man.  Countie's remains were discovered on LaBarre's remote farm in Epping.

Lodge has given the New Hampshire Attorney General a petition claiming Epping police officers could have saved her son when she reached out to them for help, but they did not.

Two weeks before he was murdered, Countie was seen in Walmart in a wheelchair with wounds to his face, and he had two yellow fuel tanks on his lap.

Lodge believes police should have intervened then, before it was too late.

Lodge's civil suit against the Epping Police Department was thrown own.  She is hoping her petition which was delivered to the attorney general might force some changes.

The petition can be found on

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