• Sharon to address vulnerable commuter rail lot amid rash of tire thefts

    By: Kerry Kavanaugh


    SHARON, Mass. - Tire thieves targeted a Sharon commuter rail lot in the middle of the day and police say these lots have become a favorite target. 

    We spoke with one of the victims who got off the train Tuesday to find his tires missing and his windows shattered.

    Police say a crew is so brazen because they're likely not from the area and could be from as far away as Atlanta.

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    In February, thieves stole tires off cars at the Mansfield commuter rail lot. As we reported in December, a regional team of detectives was investigating an uptick targeting mainly newer model Honda, Acura, Toyota and Lexus vehicles -- which thieves struck in Walpole and Foxborough.

    "I just know that this is happening often enough that something should be done,” victim Bill Tan told Boston 25 news. 

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    The Sharon lot is owned by the town and police confirmed there are no surveillance cameras there.

    They would welcome the additional investigative tool, but in the meantime, they say officers patrol the lot multiple times a day.

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    This is obviously a big problem regionally, but what is the town of Sharon doing?

    One Sharon selectman told Boston 25 news they have been discussing improving security at the train station for months. 

    He said they are fast tracking ideas and taking bids to get some security cameras installed.

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