Sharks spotted on Cape Cod attacking a seal

Sharks spotted on Cape Cod attacking a seal

CHATHAM, Mass. — A great white shark was spotted off Monomoy on Monday morning.

Monomoy is about 4-5 miles south of Chatham.

Boats were in the water Monday night, as were plenty of seals, especially down along Monomoy, which is a breeding area for the seals.

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That draws a lot of great whites as well.

It's nothing new for locals like Jay Reis.

"They’re everywhere out here. There’s a lot of them for sure," Reis said.

Boston 25 News spoke to the harbormaster, who said: "A vessel off the south tip of Monomoy calling the Coast Guard and reporting a 13-or-so-foot shark attacking a seal."

Monday night, there was another sighting, but this time in Cape Cod Bay where shark biologist Greg Skomal went for the first time, and he was surprised.

"Admittedly, I thought we’d see a couple. I don’t know if I expected to see more than nine… which was pretty impressive," Skomal said.

This was about 3 miles off Wellfleet, one was a shark already tagged named Ashley Grace.

"We’d been hearing a lot of rumors about white sharks in the Bay," Skomal said.

In fact, Reis has seen them there too.

"I’ve seen a lot of them in the bay in Wellfleet," he said.

Skomal told Boston 25 News that the white sharks are after easy meals, and this time it's not seals.

"We had been hearing from the charter captains that (in) Cape Cod Bay, routinely, that the white sharks have been eating the striped bass off their lines," he said.