Share your video of protests with Boston 25 News

Share your video of protests with Boston 25 News
(AP Photo/Denton Record-Chronicle, David Minton) (DAVID MINTON/AP)

BOSTON — Protests and demonstrations have turned up in all 50 states as Americans call for justice after an unarmed black man was killed by a white police officer in Minnesota.

The call for justice and Black Lives Matter have grown into a nationwide movement and street protests have been at its center, often ending in clashes between protesters and police forces -- some even being co-opted by rioters and looting.

We have been covering the demonstrations across Boston and surrounding towns, but we can’t be everywhere. That’s why we want you to share your videos from the protests.

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We’d like to share your videos of peaceful protests and do what we can to investigate what you’re seeing and what our cameras may have missed.