Security heightened at Boston bars, clubs one week after Jassy Correia's disappearance

BOSTON — Boston Police are increasing security near nightclubs and bars following the disappearance of a Boston woman one week ago.

That woman's family says her body was found in the trunk of a car this week. Police have a suspect in custody.

This was the second woman who went missing in Boston after leaving the bars this year. And it's definitely been a wake-up call to people going out on weekends.

"It's sad because we live here in the area, so it's scary of course," said Salwa Attiga of Boston. "But, I mean, you just have to be careful."

Many young women in Boston tell us they’re now extra cautious going out this weekend after hearing about the Jassy Correia case.

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Police believe the 23-year-old woman left Venu nightclub last Saturday night with a man who may be linked to her death.

"It’s just really crazy," said Cece Barnes of Boston. "It's really sad because I know a lot of people that knew her personally."

Police found Louis Coleman in Delaware with a body in the trunk of his car. Correia's family says Jassy was that woman who was killed.

"There’s predators out there and they prey on our loved ones," said Boston Police Commissioner William Gross. "So, our motivation is to send a clear message as well that it's not going to be tolerated."

Commissioner Gross says they'll now have increased security around bars and clubs in Boston, but he says it's up to everyone to be more aware of their surroundings.

"Everybody who may be out at night from livery drivers to people walking the street, let's just look out for each other," Commissioner Gross said.

The community is now on a higher alert since Correia was the second young woman to go missing this year in Boston.

Police say another young woman was kidnaped after leaving Hennessey's bar in January. Officers found her alive three days later in a man’s apartment in Charlestown.

That man is now charged with raping and kidnapping her.

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"Make sure that no one's following you, always have your phone on you, never leave your house without your phone charged," Attiga said.

As the investigation into Jassy Correia's disappearance and death continues, many women tell us they're looking out for each other – and they hope men do the same.

"It makes me emotional even to think about it because I'm a young mother myself," Barnes said of Correia’s death. "So, to just know that she has a baby at home, it just makes me sick, like why would somebody do that?"

It may be weeks before an official autopsy is complete on that woman's body that was found this week.

It's unclear at this point where Coleman will be charged after he was arrested in Delaware.

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