2nd Boston official arrested for extortion involving music festival

2nd Boston official arrested for extortion involving music festival

BOSTON — A second Boston official has been arrested in connection with the alleged extortion of a musical festival production company.

Timothy Sullivan, 36, was arrested Wednesday morning. Sullivan acted as the Chief of Staff of Intergovernmental Affairs.

This now makes two arrests connected to the alleged Boston Calling extortion, but Mayor Marty Walsh maintains, "there is no corrupt City Hall."

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In court Wednesday, Sullivan's attorney Bill Cintolo, said his client is not guilty.

"This is a crap piece of case," said Cintolo.

According to his indictment, Sullivan allegedly extorted the organizers of Boston Calling. The U.S. Attorney's Office accused Sullivan of conspiring to extort and then extorting the music festival company to hire union labor in exchange for receiving the necessary city permits to run the festival back in 2014.

Cintolo said that all Sullivan did was arrange meetings, and he never received anything in return.

"I think the U.S. Attorney's office believes they can run the City of Boston, meaning that they'll decide what's good government and what's not good government, that's exactly what federalism prevents," he said.

In mid May, Kenneth Brissette, 52, was arrested for the extortion of the same company. Brissette was the City of Boston's Director of the Office of Tourism, Sports and Entertainment.




The extortion charges carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, three of years of supervised release and a fine of $250,000.

In a statement released Wednesday morning, Mayor Marty Walsh said he was "deeply concerned" about the allegations. "There is no room in my Administration for the type of behavior that is alleged here," the mayor added.

When asked Wednesday if there would be any more indictments, he said, "I would hope not."

Walsh also told FOX25's Sharman Sacchetti that he will run for reelection.

Sullivan is expected to enter an actual plea next month in federal court.

Full statement from Mayor Marty Walsh:

I am deeply concerned about these allegations. It is a great privilege to serve in City Hall and I will not allow anyone to squander that privilege. I expect everyone to perform at the highest ethical standards. There is no room in my Administration for the type of behavior that is alleged here.
That is why I have called for an independent ethics training program for all of the City's department heads.  And its why I have outside counsel looking into how these events have been managed. We need to ensure that the right practices are in place and the right safeguards. We are having a panel of experts review how things are done and help improve policies. I will not pre-judge anyone's guilt or innocence. Nor will I tolerate anything less than the highest ethical standards.