Scituate woman tricks thief with glitter-filled package

Scituate woman tricks thief with glitter-filled package

A Scituate woman took matters into her own hands when she encountered someone stealing packages being delivered to her house.

Melissa Peralta posted about her trick on Facebook, as she ordered a spring-loaded package full of glitter for the thief to open if they decided to steal her mail.


Peralta left a note for the recipient on the package through her ordering instructions, saying, "Please stop stealing my packages" with a heart next to it.

She posted video after the thief took the bait, with a trail of glitter leading to the bathroom after the thief decided to open up the package.


"Well, the police couldn’t ID the perp," Peralta wrote on Facebook. "But whomever it is, is definitely 'shining on' in their instant karma right now!"

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