Scary dashcam video shows utility pole falling on car in Norwell

Dashcam captures utility pole falling on car in Norwell

NORWELL, Mass. — It was a wild ride from Boston Sunday evening for Hanover town IT specialist Stephen Ryerson when a utility pole fell right onto his SUV.

Ryerson says he was driving slowly along Longwater Drive around 5:30 p.m. because of the weather when a utility pole hit the backside of his Nissan Rogue.

"All of a sudden I see that car in front of me, I turn, look up and I see the poles swaying. First thing I saw was ice, slush fall off the wires that were closest to me," said Ryerson.

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His dashcam captured the entire incident.

"Seeing the pole come down between the first sight of that, actually hearing a crash, then seeing a bright light as you see in the video. It all happened so quick," he said.

Ryerson also shared photos of the scene moments after the pole came down, causing a small explosion.

In the seconds after the pole hit, he says he sat in his car stunned. The driver behind him got out, came to his window and got him out of the flaming SUV and called 911.

The driver told Ryerson she was a first responder and she stayed with him until help arrived. When he tried to get her contact information, all she would tell him was that she was a good Samaritan.

"It's one of those freak accidents I guess you would say, and I'm just very thankful that she was there, that you can trust your instincts and know that God has your back," said Ryerson.

It's unclear what caused the pole to fall but Ryerson says he's just lucky to be alive and to have been driving slow when the pole came down.