Sandwich boater says man fishing from shore hooked his ear

SANDWICH, Mass. - A day of fishing turned into a nightmare for Dave Chevrier when he got hooked in the ear by someone not even on his boat.

“I got hooked with a pretty big hook," Chevier told Boston 25 News.

He's got the pictures to prove it.

“I couldn't let go of it until they used the bolt cutters to free it from my head,” Chevrier explained.

He got hooked while heading into the Sandwich Marina with a friend late Sunday night. Chevrier says a man fishing on land cast a big heavy lure at their boat.

It hit Chevrier in the head and he's convinced it was done deliberately.

“He definitely saw us,” Chevrier said. “We were the only boat out -- heard stories, never seen it happen."

But Sandwich Deputy Harbormaster Mick Dunning says it can happen.

“I've been out there boating myself you can see them and  they'll be casting and right across our bow or across our stern," Dunning said.

He says it's not uncommon for a lure to land a little too close.

“They get a good cast and the wind and everything is right, it goes farther than they want and you're right there,” Dunning said.

The line got wrapped around Chevrier’s neck.

The hook brushed his right eye, then sank into his ear.

His quick-thinking friend put the boat in reverse and immediately cut the line, avoiding a catastrophe.

“I'm very lucky it wasn't a hook in the eye, it came very close to hooking the eye,” Chevrier said.

The guy who cast the big lure took off in a pickup truck, Chevrier said. There are surveillance cameras in the area, but they weren’t working at the time.

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