Safety tips from National Grid following first winter storm of season

Safety tips from National Grid following first winter storm of season

DEDHAM, Mass. — Following our first significant snowfall of the season, a safety expert is offering a refresher course on important winter safety measures.

Tim Sullivan, National Grid's Stakeholder Engagement Liaison, encourages people to conduct a ‘circle of safety check' around their home immediately following a winter storm.

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"Make sure that the home exhaust vents are clear of ice and snow," Sullivan said. "Also, make sure that there's a clear path to natural gas meters – whether that natural gas meter is on the interior or your home or the exterior of your home – make sure technicians and first responders can easily access it."

Sullivan suggests people use a soft broom, brush or glove to clear their gas meters of ice and snow.

"Don't use a shovel or any kind of hard, sharp object," Sullivan stressed. "You could actually damage our gas meter and create a leak."

Exhaust vents in many homes are run through their chimney, Sullivan noted. He said people should have their chimney and natural gas appliances inspected annually.

Having working carbon monoxide detectors on every floor of your home is another critical safety measure.

"If there's a malfunction of a furnace or any kind of natural gas or oil burning appliance, this is the only way that you'll be able to detect there is carbon monoxide present within your home," Sullivan said.

Sullivan started a social media challenge encouraging people to take a picture of themselves checking their carbon monoxide detector and posting the photo on Twitter with the hashtag #COAlarmChallenge.

Following a snow storm, people are also reminded to shovel out the fire hydrant closest to their home.