Rosie's Places helps veteran find housing after addiction

Rosie's Places helps veteran find housing after addiction

BOSTON — The holidays can be a tough time for those who have fallen on hard times, but one local veteran  who had struggled with homelessness is feeling hopeful and thankful this holiday.

The woman, who asked to go be her first name Judy, is preparing for a fresh start and will finally have a place to be home for the holidays.

It’s just a small apartment, but Judy said it’s a huge step in the right direction. It wasn't long ago that she was on the street moving from shelter to shelter.

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"Being homeless, it's so hard to do anything being homeless,” she said.

It started with a car crash over a decade ago that nearly left her paralyzed.

"I had therapy every day and I had to take care of my son, so i ended up walking and every day I ended up walking a little further,” she said.

The road to recovery was long and lead to an addiction to her pain medication. She struggled for years to find permanent housing while raising a son. It was after he enlisted in the armed forces, that she turned to Rosie's Place for help.

"It's easier to get things done, because you're not getting up at 5 in the morning at the regular shelter,” she said.

At Rosie's Place she received job training and filed paperwork for permanent housing. This apartment is temporary until her new place is ready to move in. She's looking forward to spending this holiday with her son and she's optimistic about the year ahead.

"I'm so grateful I have this, it makes a difference,” she said.