• Rookie Braintree police officer has already mastered community policing

    By: Mike Saccone


    BRAINTREE, Mass. - He’s only been on the job for a couple of months, but Braintree Police Officer Christopher Horigan appears to have already mastered community policing. 

    While on patrol Monday and driving through McCusker Drive, Horigan decided to stop and teach some boys playing football a few tricks, including the Annexation of Puerto Rico, a play made popular in the 1994 movie Little Giants. 

    A resident captured the interaction and shared the video with Braintree Police. 

    A week earlier, while returning from a call, Horigan spotted a group of children braving the cold at Faxon Park to play a game of ice hockey. He and a fellow officer pulled their cruisers up to the ice and used their headlines to provide light and loudspeaker to play music. 

    “Instilling positive first police encounters with our youth is what it's all about folks,” Braintree Police said. 

    Horigan is a Braintree resident who joined the department in September.

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