Rodent droppings at Lowell High School focus of Board of Health meeting

Rodent droppings at Lowell High School focus of Board of Health meeting

LOWELL, Mass. — In January, Boston 25 News reported on heating issues that led to broken pipes and flooded floors at Lowell High School, and more problems are arising 10 months later

"I have been in this district for six years and for all those six years we have faced these issues," said Kristen Schultz, vice president of the teacher's union.

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Those issues have included missing and damaged floor and ceiling tiles, leaks and rodents.

"Teachers would find mice droppings on their desks, in their drawers, there would be mice activity while classes are in session, live mice found in the recycling bins and teachers taking those mice outside to dump them out," Schultz said.

A city inspector brought photographs, showing rodent droppings everywhere, to a Board of Health meeting on Wednesday.

The Board of Health asked both the city manager and acting school superintendent why more hasn't been done to rid the rodents. Both say they were unaware of the extent of the problem.

"These are things that we need to address, but if it's not brought to my attention, it’s difficult to do that, said Acting Superintendent of Schools Jeannine Durkin.

The extermination company contracted by the school department has promised to address the rodents immediately. And the DPW plans to patch holes where the mice and other creatures are getting in.

"We will address the matter," Durkin said. "If its not addressed appropriately, we will look at another vendor."