Robbery caught on camera at pretzel factory in Revere

Robbery caught on camera at pretzel factory in Revere

REVERE — A brazen robbery of a pretzel factory in Revere was caught on camera.

The business owner, Bob Gesek, told Boston 25 News that he's surprised the suspect, who said he had a gun, was willing to rob him for such a small amount of money.

"Why are you coming into a pretzel store? How much money do you think you’re really going to get?" Gesek said.

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Gesek and his family opened up the Philly Pretzel Factory in Revere, a simple bakery that focuses on one product, a couple of years ago.

That's why on Friday, when a man walked in with a note demanding money, at first, he didn't believe he was being robbed.

"So I looked at it and it said ‘Gun. Give me all your money' so I kind of laughed and threw it back at him and said, ‘You’re kidding me right, you’re robbing the wrong store,'" Gesek said.

But then, he noticed the man's hand in his pocket.

"So I opened the drawer and he started with the ‘Give me the 20s, give me the 10s," he said.

Right as the man walked out, he called 911.

“Brazen at 12 in the afternoon to be wearing a hood and a scarf and everything else and then he grabbed his note and my first thought was, 'He’s going to do it again,'" Gesek said.

Gesek said the man didn't get away with a lot but enough for him to feel it.

“Every little bit helps and every bit that you lose it definitely hurts you," he said. “I was angry last night thinking, I’ve got to pay bills with that money you know.”

Of course, he's grateful nobody was hurt.

“If he came in at 4 in the afternoon, my daughter would have been here then it would have been different. Then I would have been more nervous, especially if I thought he had a gun," he said.

Anyone with information on the robbery is asked to call Revere Police.