• Pawtucket prepares to launch school speed cameras

    PAWTUCKET, R.I. (AP) - A second Rhode Island city is planning to launch speed cameras in school zones.

    Pawtucket signed a five-year contract with Sensys Gatso USA to install the cameras in December.

    City officials tell WPRI-TV they have not decided how many cameras will be installed or where they will be, but they are looking at a springtime launch.

    The city will pay $2,500 per month per camera and $7.30 for each violation as part of its contract.

    Providence launched speed cameras last year.

    Records show Providence issued more than 63,000 tickets and collected about $3.2 million in fines between last January and December.

    The city will collect about $1.5 million in revenue after it pays the company that operates the cameras and refunds linked to a lawsuit.

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