• Classroom dedicated to first female African American lawyer

    BRISTOL, R.I. (AP) - Roger Williams University School of Law has named a classroom in honor of the state's first female African American lawyer.

    Dorothy R. Crockett graduated from Portia Law School, now the New England School of Law in Boston, in 1931 and joined the Rhode Island bar in 1932.

    Information on Crockett's legacy was accidentally discovered by school librarians while researching for a celebration of the state's first female lawyers.

    According to the school's law magazine, another woman wasn't sworn in as a lawyer for a decade, and another African American woman wouldn't join the bar until 1976.

    The Providence Journal reports that Crockett's daughter, Dianna Bartleson, said at Tuesday's dedication she had no idea of her mother's accomplishments and has few memories of her mother, who died when Bartleson was 7.

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