Revere firefighters battle 2-alarm fire under frigid temperatures

Firefighters in Revere brave bitter temperatures as they fight 2-alarm fire

REVERE, Mass. — A bitterly cold night in Revere was made even worse after a fire broke out at a home on Temple Street on Thursday night.

The intense flames could be seen shooting out of the roof of the structure, forcing firefighters to immediately begin an aerial attack when they got to the scene.

They had a hard time reaching some of the spots due to a partial roof collapse, but were able to get the flames under control.

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While the freezing temperatures made it difficult to put out the fire, firefighters didn't have any issues with frozen hydrants this time.

"Usually we have problems with frozen hydrants, but tonight we didn’t thank God," said Deputy Fire Chief Sean Manion. "Ice on the ground, guys tripping and falling, those types of injuries are what we need to worry about."

Officials say one man was inside at the time, but managed to get out safely.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.