Reported antisemitic Facebook page rocks Framingham school community

Reported antisemitic Facebook page rocks Framingham school community

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — Antisemitic comments made by middle schoolers on social media are being investigated by police in Framingham.

Parents and students are calling it disturbing and scary.

Boston 25 News spoke to a student off camera who says a few students sent him a social media page with disturbing threats against Jewish people. After the post went to several students at McAuliffe Charter School, some students reported it.

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With a Star of David on her chest and a Mezuzah on her door, Marya Arzi says she's upset she has to explain to her sixth grade daughter why kids at her school created a social media page threatening Jewish people.

"It's disturbing and it's sad and scary it's a direct threat," she said. "We're Jewish. We live in the community. My child goes to the school. She is Jewish. So it is definitely upsetting."

Her daughter didn't want to be identified and neither did the parent who heard from their child why the students made the post.

"My son says one of the kids is actually Jewish," the parent said. "They're saying they were making a joke -- didn't mean any harm. It doesn't really make sense to me. I personally do not think they meant any harm but things like that are very serious."

It's so serious the police are now investigating the students.

A school spokesperson told Boston 25 News, "…we reached out to Framingham Police and have been told there's an investigation underway…needless to say, our community does not tolerate this type of behavior."

"McAuliffe is a great school," Arzi said. "I don't think the acts of a few should define greatness that it brings here to this community."