Repairs to crumbling North End condo building will take months

Residents grab what they can from crumbling North End building during 10-minute period

BOSTON — Their building has been condemned and now dozens of North End residents are learning it's going to be months before they're able to go back home.

The condo building at 454 Hanover Street was deemed to have 'significant structural concerns' last week and the property manager told residents Wednesday night it will take at least three months for necessary repairs. Falling bricks and crumbling support beams mark the five-story building and pieces of the facade had begun falling to the street below.

Since then, dozens of residents haven’t even been able to return to get their clothes. But they were allowed in Thursday at 5 p.m. one at a time for up to an hour to retrieve belongings.

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"“I mean it’s tough," Bobby Mickle said. "It’s our home and we haven’t been in for over a week, and just really wanted to go in and hang out and I’m rushing to grab whatever is in sight.”

Mickle, like a dozen other residents, lined up to get back inside for the 10-minute periods to take whatever they could.

"As of now, we just have our 10-minute windows, so I’ve been making lists of what I’ll get," Erin Thomas said.

Mickle and his girlfriend have been staying at a hotel, while Thomas has been bouncing around.

"I’ve been switching between AirBnB’s, but I just want to settle down," Thomas said.

According to the Boston Globe, the city met with residents Wednesday night after evaluating the building.

The review showed the building had leaning columns and signs of stress at connection points. The city said it will need to be reinforced before residents can return home.

The property manager says it will take at least three months for the necessary repairs.

Boston's Commissioner of Inspectional Services said the situation could have been catastrophic.

Many residents are staying in hotels and city officials say they're trying to find temporary housing for those who need it.