Remote, in-person learning challenged by power outages

Remote, in-person learning challenged by power outages

WALPOLE, Mass. — Sarah Noble’s two children were looking forward to a day of in-person learning but that ended after a teacher told the family school was off before an email from the school district could be read.

“We had no way to figure it out other than physically coming to the school,” said Noble who lost power during Wednesday night’s storm.

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Her daughter, Abby, is in fourth grade and would have been in-person at Fisher Elementary for classes.

“I’m just hopeful that we won’t have many major storms that cause power outages because you do realize how dependent you are on electricity especially when you have remote learning,” said Noble.

Canton Public Schools canceled in-person learning at JFK Elementary after losing power, according to the superintendent’s office.

Over 1,300 customers in Canton began the day without power, according to an outage map from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, or MEMA.

Weymouth saw widespread damage including right next to the high school where an uprooted tree crashed onto a fence landing feet from Paul Rotondo’s house.

“The house was built in 1843 we’ve been renovating for the past 5 years we’re still working on this side and it would have been crushing if it hit the house with all the work we’ve done,” Rotondo said.

By mid-morning, in Randolph, 1,400 customers were without power, according to MEMA.

About 125 school children in Randolph were home for the day after one school lost power.

The district is in the midst of hybrid learning, according to its superintendent.

Randolph Public Schools are still awaiting devices for learning for some second and third graders, according to the district.

Roughly 1,300 families lost electricity during the storm, according to Superintendent Thea Stovell.

Most schools were open Thursday and students in Cohort A attended for in-person learning.

“Everyday is a school day whether you’re in the school building or not,” Stovell added.

There are assignments online for students who were able to access Google Classroom, so the school day was not completely canceled, Stovell explained.

For students unable to log-in due to power issues, Stovell said they will not be penalized.