Redevelopment a long time coming for Worcester's most dangerous intersection

Residents meet with officials about ideas to improve dangerous Worcester intersection

WORCESTER, Mass. — One of the state's most dangerous intersections is finally being addressed -- after one too many accidents.

Nearly 400 accidents have occurred in Worcester's Kelley Square intersection in a recent three-year period, according to the State Department of Transportation.

Of those accidents, 21 involved pedestrians and five involved bicyclists.

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Now that the Pawtucket Red Sox are moving to Worcester, the new stadium will be built right down the street, making room for adjustments to a currently problematic roadway.

The issue with Kelley Square is that five roads feed into the intersection causing constant chaos and confusion. It doesn't help that the intersection is also adjacent to two highway ramps.

Longtime Worcester resident Sheila Moreau, who works in Kelley Square, says rush hour is a whole other story.

"A firetruck tried to get through, he had to edge through blowing his horn and half the time people don't even stop," Moreau says. "How about crossing the street... a pedestrian? That is the biggest joke. Very few people try crossing it. Because none of them will stop."

The public workshop regarding the redevelopment of Kelley Square was hosted by MassDOT and the City of Worcester on Wednesday night, with officials saying improvements will start in a year.

Officials said enhancing safety is their primary focus, and presented some of their potential ideas to residents on Wednesday, with signals, a roundabout or changing the directions of certain streets.

The project will address the safety and operational deficiencies all motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians face on a daily basis, while also supporting the local businesses and residents who call Kelley Square their home.

MassDOT officials said they're looking for a February 2021 completion date for the changes, but said they don't have a plan set in stone yet.