Red light saves teenager's life after hit-and-run

Red light saves teenager's life after hit-and-run

BOSTON — A teenager was just walking home from school when he says the driver of a car just hit him, and left him on the busy Blue Hill Avenue.

What the driver doesn’t know is that cameras captured the entire accident.

16-year-old Joshua Cousin is an honor student at Boston Prep School. He has big aspirations.

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"I was thinking of being an astronomer," Joshua said.

More than two months ago, on Valentine's Day, Joshua said he was crossing the street and he had the crossing signal.

The teen was walking home from school when he was hit by a car.

"When it happened, I was light-headed and I didn’t know what to do," he said.

It happened in broad daylight at the busy intersection of Mattapan Square, Cummings Highway and Blue Hill Avenue. It was all caught on video.

"It was a miracle basically. If those cars kept going, it would’ve been much worse," he said.

He and his mother, Shakilia, believe that the red light saved him. The driver just took off, Joshua says.

"Had the light not been red and the cars were coming, four lanes of traffic, he would’ve gotten thrown into four lanes of traffic," his mother said.

She got the unexpected phone call.

"It all boils down to humanity. Hitting someone and not being there to offer support is heartbreaking to me," she said.

Joshua said this hit-and-run has taken a physical toll on him, where he can't even play sports at school.

He also wants to warn other students to watch out for this busy intersection, especially when crossing this busy street.

Right now, police are still reviewing the surveillance video and they hope to release a description of the suspect's car.