Rare, endangered birds make home on L Street Beach in Southie

Rare, endangered birds make home on L Street Beach in Southie

BOSTON — The nearly extinct piping plovers are taking over Massachusetts beaches.

First Gloucester, then Duxbury and now Southie. Three piping plovers hatched on L Street Beach just last week where people are working hard to protect them.

The three piping plovers hatched not far from the L Street Bath House and their nesting area has been roped off with yellow line. But Thursday they had jumped a fence and were roaming the other side of the beach with their mom and dad.

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We caught video of the plovers, which are so small that from afar they look like they can be a grain of sand. Signs near the bird's nest warn people no trespassing is allowed. But when the birds jumped the fence, beach-goers worked to keep seagulls away from the endangered species.

People we spoke to on Southie’s beaches say it’s fascinating that a species so rare was able to hatch there.

"They’re, like, right in our own back yard," Maggie Hale said. "And you don’t even realize what you have and now this is happening. It’s so cool to watch and actually protect these birds from the wildlife."

Because the birds are protected by both the state and federal governments, they will be able to roam L Street Beach as long as they need. In the meantime, the people there say they’ll look after the endangered species.