• Randolph officer on leave after resisting arrest as car, part of home catches fire

    By: Manoella Macedo


    A veteran Randolph Police officer has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into his arrest. 

    Officer Glenn Frazier, 53, was arrested and charged at his Brockton residence after his car and part of his home caught on fire.

    On Sunday, Brockton Police were notified of a dark colored SUV driving without a tire with sparks coming from underneath the vehicle.

    An officer on patrol in the area of Division Street noticed small fires on the ground and was pointed in the direction of a man trying to put out a car fire with a garden hose by witnesses nearby.

    As the fire grew more intensely and engulfed the car in flames, the officer took the man to a safe spot, away from the fire.

    No one else was inside the car at the time of the fire, where flames were shooting at least 10 feet into the air.

    Frazier then attempted to go inside his house while his car burned in his driveway.

    The officer, along with a Good Samaritan, escorted Frazier away from the house. Frazier resisted, saying he had only had five drinks and that he would be fine. 

    At that point, the car began to cause small explosions, which caused the vinyl siding of the house to melt and catch fire.

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    As firefighters arrived at the scene to assist with putting out the fire, Frazier walked right into one of the cruisers that was trying to move to make way for the fire trucks. One officer had to stop his cruiser, which caused on fire truck to move closer to the fire while another truck was unable to pass through.

    Firefighters had to gather their tools and walk over to help the other engine on scene.

    After Frazier defied more than 20 attempts from police to keep him away from the area, getting tased and being held down by at least three officers, he was placed under arrest.

    Randolph Police Chief William Pace released the following statement regarding Officer Frazier's arrest:

    "A member of the Randolph Police Department has been placed on administrative leave following his arrest outside of his Brockton home while off duty over the weekend. Officer Glenn Frazier, a 24-year veteran of the department, will remain on administrative leave pending the outcome of a Brockton Police investigation and an internal review of the facts by the Randolph Police Department."

    Stephanie Rivera was the clerk on duty Sunday night at the Petro Gas Station in Brockton, and said the station's fuel delivery man was pumping 12,000 gallons of gas when he saw the flames.

    "All my gas guy kept saying was, 'I'm trying to put it out,'" Rivera said. "I had to help him with the water. I got the bucket for him and put it out."

    A neigbor captured the whole thing on video on his phone, and a 13-year-old boy was home and watched the whole scene unfold from his window.

    "I see a car on fire, I see the guy arguing with the police officers, don't know why," Sandro Montiero said. "He was refusing to do something, he kept trying to get away. He tried to put out the fire. He was aggressive, very aggressive. I see them putting him on the floor trying to arrest him, put him in the car."

    Frazier is facing charges for interfering with a firefighter, interfering with a police officer and resisting arrest. He posted the $100 bail, and remains on administrative leave.

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