Rainy summer hampering seasonal businesses

HULL, Mass. — The weather has made staffing summer business very difficult. July has been one of the wettest, and people are using a day-by-day approach to planning their outdoor activities.

Tara Palmieri said her group of Amazon workers wanted to do an outdoor work activity and found their planning at the mercy of the weather.

“Last night, for the last 48 hours, we were pulling up the phone. It was cloudy, it was thunderstorms. Woke up this morning, the sun was shining. Phone said we had a good three hours, so we just went out there,” Palmieri said.

Scott Plympton has been running Nantasket Kayaks since 2003. Ironically, the pandemic was one of his best summers.

“People sure wanted to go outside and kayak where they could,” Plympton said.

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This year’s weather, however, is shaping up to be one of his worst.

“I mean who wants to come out and go kayaking in the pouring rain,” Plympton said.

Plympton’s biggest concern is keeping his summer help working. Shane Scannell is working for Plympton while on break from college.

“Pretty much just any time the sun is out, try to get out here. Got to make as much money as I can for college,” Scannell said.

Plympton said with so much rain this July and more than half the summer still to go, we’ll pick it up on the next round.

“It’s got to get better,” Plympton said.