• Quincy Police investigate door-knocking scam


    Police are investigating a disturbing account one woman had at her front door.

    The woman, whom Boston 25 News is not identifying, says a man knocked on her door saying her tire was slashed and she should come outside to check it, but the man became more aggressive when she refused to come out.

    "He knocked on my door and asked to come outside and check the tire that he had been walking by and I just refused to go outside," said the woman.

    She kept telling the man through the door she would check it later.

    "He was pretty aggressive trying to get me to come outside," she said. 

    Then, she decided she didn't feel safe. 

    "I just said thanks for letting me know and I made sure my door was locked and ran up the stairs, made sure my back door was locked and called 911," she said.

    When police arrived, the man was gone, but they found the woman's tire slashed. Police are investigating whether the man knocking on the door was the one who actually slashed the tires.

    "They informed me that most likely he was waiting for me or had known that I was a woman alone and it would be a lot easier to get me outside," she said.

    The woman posted her story on Facebook to alert others. It has been shared more than 31,000 times.

    "I guess if I had opened the door he could have pushed his way in. He could have waited until I checked my tire. I'm not sure," she said.

    She has already installed a doorbell camera since it happened. Quincy police say they were also going to alert residents. 

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