Dump truck removed from Quincy parking garage with crane, cars still trapped

Dump truck removed, but nearly 50 cars still stuck in Quincy parking garage

QUINCY, Mass. — A dump truck that partially fell through the roof deck of a parking garage in Quincy Wednesday, trapping other cars inside, has finally been removed.

The top deck of the garage on Furnace Brook Parkway partially collapsed underneath a large dump truck, breaking through and dropping the rear wheels of the truck below the surface.


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No one was reported injured in the incident Wednesday morning, but the building connected to the garage was evacuated by police.

The driver of the truck managed to get out but dozens of cars were stuck in the garage.

"That's the problem, there's probably 11 on the top deck here that can't get out there may be another 40 on this side of the dump truck that can't get out," Quincy Fire Department Deputy Chief Ed Fenby said.

The dump truck was eventually removed from the garage with a crane early Thursday morning.

The driver of the truck told police a cellphone GPS app directed him to the location, where the truck was simply too heavy for the garage.

"When you first pull into this lot, it doesn't look like a parking garage. So when you first pull in, it’s like a regular lot...it’s over the garage," witness Craig Croteau told Boston 25 News.

The driver told Boston 25 News he didn't want to speak on camera. He said he's doing OK, but still trying to process the harrowing afternoon.

The building is reportedly structurally sound, but police are asking people to stay away.