Quincy and Boston fight over proposed Long Island bridge

The fight between Quincy and Boston over reconnecting Long Island by bridge is heating up.

Boston says they're still building this bridge, but Quincy is pushing hard against it.

"Right here, it would be a nightmare," said William Harris, a Quincy city councilor.

Quincy officials are trying to block the project, and voted this week to ban commercial traffic in the Squantum neighborhood. The ban now needs the Quincy mayor's signature.

Boston's mayor wants to rebuild the bridge for a drug-treatment facility. Once the mayor makes it official, Quincy says it would ban all commercial trucks and buses on a stretch of road leading up to the planned new bridge.

Quincy officials said the commercial traffic ban will be strictly enforced, and won't apply to emergency vehicles or local deliveries.

"It's my hope that we are going to put resources into turning those vehicles around and if they try to sneak through they will get fined," said Harris.

The city says the Squantum neighborhood can't handle the traffic, and point out specific turns in the area that are dangerous for the local community.

"We're going to continue to have conversations and reach out to Quincy so we can proceed down the road here as far as the new bridge," said Mayor Marty Walsh.

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The big question is if it would be a legal ordinance since it's basically a roadblock in one city impacting another one.

Quincy's mayor is expected to sign the commercial traffic ban this week.