Public library receiving mixed response for teen event hosted by drag queen

NASHUA, N.H. — A New Hampshire public library is being criticized for a teen event hosted by a drag queen. Organizers say it is a chance for teens to discuss diversity and inclusion, but some say it's sending the wrong message.

On Saturday, the theater inside the basement of the Nashua Public Library will look a little different with entertainer and drag queen Monique TooSoon at center stage.

"All I am is a clown in a wig. I do this to have fun, to make people laugh," said Monique.

Monique asked Boston 25 News to hide his identity because of the controversy already surrounding the teen event where he plans to read young adult poetry and host a Q&A. After the library announced the event, Monique says critics began spreading messages of hate online.

"I'm getting called a confused loser and getting called a stripper," said Monique.

The library director says she's received equal amounts of praise and criticism for the event, but says she stands by it as appropriate and timely.

"Chris Jay is a policy analyst with Cornerstone New Hampshire, a family advocacy group. Cornerstone is alerting families to the event, saying it's introducing teenagers to harmful activities.

"This is introducing children to a pornographic culture and x-rated culture," said Jay. "They're going to do a quick Google search and they're going to be eyeballs deep in this pornographic entertainment."

Monique says he simply wants to talk to kids who were like him, who faced a tough road in life and are searching for self-expression.

"I want them to walk away empowered, I want them to be comfortable with themselves, and I want them to know they're not alone."