• Protests at Boston Common after AG Jeff Sessions' resignation

    By: Drew Karedes


    BOSTON - Thousands of protesters took to Boston Common Thursday night one day after the resignation of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

    They protested Sessions’ replacement and what the implications could have on transparency.

    “Twenty years, you could expect Democrats and Republicans would care about integrity of process, and you don’t see that anymore," said Rosa Carson.

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns, Matthew Whitaker named acting attorney general

    Demonstrators demanded Congress step in to stop Sessions' acting replacement, aide Matthew Whitaker, who has been a vocal critic of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into possible Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

    Mark Kriegsman said he came out to protest because he's "extremely worried that someone who is one of Trump’s people will be heading investigation into Trump’s people."

    "His named successor is someone who’s been identified as a Trump loyalist and a loyalist is something you hear in a monarchy, in a kingdom. We don’t have that here," Kriegsman said.

    Trump has repeatedly called the Mueller probe “a witch hunt."

    A small fraction of outnumbered counter-protestors said they couldn’t agree more, and strongly disagree with this demonstrations message.

     Mark Cumbest is among those who don't agree with the demonstration’s message.

    “Mueller hasn’t found anything in 15 months now," Cumbest said. "We’ve got two Americas here. You’ve got the Republican party and the Socialist party, that’s what you’ve got in America right now. I’ve never seen it so divided."

    Organizers who put this event together say they want confirmation. There will be some type of protection for Mueller.

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren has called for a law guaranteeing the Mueller investigation goes forward.

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