Protesters continue to march for Breonna Taylor in Boston Saturday

Protesters continue to march for Breonna Taylor in Boston Saturday

BOSTON — Hundreds marched throughout Boston Saturday night, continuing to call out the grand jury decision on Breonna Taylor’s case.

Many are frustrated that the officers responsible for her death were never charged with murder.

Mass Action Against Police Brutality was one of the organizations behind a rally in Roxbury.

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“We’re just going to show them that we really are the majority in this country,” said Brock Satter, an organizer. “We’re going to organize, we’re going to show, we’re going to vote with our feet in the streets, it’s going to be undeniable.”

Satter said the protest goes beyond Breonna Taylor’s case. They’re also pushing for cases to be reopened in Boston, where Black men have been killed by police.

The rally marched to Nubian Square to merge with hundreds at another protest, and together they marched from Roxbury to Dorchester calling for change.

“One of the greatest Americans of all time was Dr. King, he marched; we’re still marching today, so it has to be more than just marching,” said one protester who wanted to remain anonymous. “Marching shows that we have strength in numbers, and the more of that we have, the stronger the voice is, so the stronger the voice is, the more action that’s going to get done.”

The group hopes to take action by voting for people who will support their demands.

“Actually putting forth action, saying, this is what we expect you to do and if you don’t do this, this is your last term in office, so by voting with our feet, we have to get to the polls,” said a protester.

After a few hours and a few miles of marching, the protest remained peaceful Saturday night.