Powerful winds topple trees, cause damage across Cambridge, Boston

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Crews are cleaning up across Cambridge and Boston after powerful winds left behind a path of destruction Tuesday night. The severe storms brought down trees across the area in a short timeframe.

A large tree that toppled on Newton Street in Cambridge brought down power lines with it before crashing down onto cars and a triple decker. The downed tree also brought down a transformer that ignited a small fire.

Eversource cut off power to the immediate area less than an hour later.


“All of the trees were just whipping back and forth. I was actually looking at that specific tree, and I was like how is that tree staying up right now,” recalled neighbor Paul Tobin. “I went back inside for like 30 seconds and I heard the crash!”

A tree also crashed down onto a home on Myopia Road in Hyde Park Tuesday night. A landscaper said he was doing work nearby when the tree fell down just feet away from him.

Despite several close calls, there were no reports of any weather-related injuries in Boston or Cambridge.