• Powerful winds tear off roof from home in Methuen


    METHUEN, Mass. - Gusty winds are no joke, they can blow out power and in this case, a entire roof off a house!

    A house in Methuen was left without a roof after the powerful winds on Friday night ripped it off the structure just like a tin can.

    On Saturday, crews were trying to safely take the roof down as it was resting on the multi-family home next door.

    The roof was already damaged due to a fire a few months ago at the home on Pleasant Street.

    The city wants it torn down, but since the home is situated in a historic district, the process is a lot longer because of added regulations. 

    The Methuen police chief told Boston 25 News that thankfully no one was injured and they're continuing their efforts to take the roof down. 

    “Our concern was one – if the wind continues is it just going to blow and a fall and do more damage to the house here so we called n a private contractor and they’re going to,” said Methuen police chief Joseph Solomon.

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