• Post-election, both parties start clean-up of campaign signs

    TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) - Toledo city officials say Republicans and Democrats have until the end of the week to clean up their leftover campaign signs before they are deemed abandoned and disposed.

    According to city officials, each campaign is responsible for cleaning up their own signs. Republican and Democratic county leaders tell WTOL-TV that many of their candidates were out Wednesday and Thursday cleaning up their now-old campaign signs.

    Sylvania City Councilwoman Katie Cappellini says she went out Wednesday and picked up all of her signs, saying she plans to re-use them for a future campaign. Cappellini says "if I wasn't planning on using them again, I certainly would've recycled them."

    Residents are asked to contact individual campaigns if signs are still an issue. The town says campaigns have about 48 hours for clean-up.


    Information from: WTOL-TV, http://www.wtol.com

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